LeMon Tree Tea




Fryd Lemon Tree Tea Disposable 

Lemon tree tea by fryd extracts is a newly released flavor that will provide you with premium vaping bliss in every puff. The vape pen are filled with the highest quality cannabis oil and natural terpenes, delivering an unparalleled flavor explosion with each inhale. Fryd carts uses only the freshest, all-natural ingredients to craft flavors as delicious as they are potent.

Effects and Benefits of Fryd Disposable Vape

Fryd Flavors are not like any other dispos or vape in the market. Effects of this flavors are pretty much intense and will easily take you off your feet from the first puff. Some of the effects of this fryd flavors include:

  • It helps to induce creativity
  • It also helps with pain due to its numbing effects
  • It helps with anxiety and stress
  • It puts the user in a fun and playful state

This disposable vape flavors embodies the dessert passion of fryd founders. Our fryd flavors are of the highest quality you can find anywhere. The flavors taste just like the real thing, thanks to the highest quality botanical terpenes and natural extracts. Fryd Disposable vape have similar effects to that of the newly dropped  Whole Melt Carts.


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