Fryd Mucho Mango




Fryd Mucho Mango Disposable 

Fryd mucho mango flavor is made from indica dominant marijuana strain from the combination of mucho strain and mango flavor. Mucho mango flavor by fryds is known to be much more a relaxing flavor than an energizing one. This fryd flavor will calmly lift your spirit and altitude level up. The effects of this flavor will hit you from the get go, so we advise our first time users and those new to the vaping world to consume this product with caution. This fryd disposable flavor is unique and quite different from anything you’ll find around in the cannabis market. Here at fryd extracts, we also focus greatly on quality products as well as sleekly designs.

Effects of Fryd Disposable Flavor 

Fryd carts are not like any other disposable vape device you see out there, hence we encourage all the first time users to start out small as our vapes can take you off your feets from the first puff. A few common effects of this flavors include:

  • It helps out with anxiety and stress relief.
  • It helps boost your state of creativity
  • It puts the user in a fun and playful state
  • It is known to increase concentration and focus levels

The effects of this fryd flavors are very quite similar to that of psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars like Trippy Flip Bars.


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