Fryd Carts

Fryd Extracts Carts

What are Fryd Carts?.

Fryd carts is a brand new series of disposable vapes that took the entire vaping world by storm in early January of 2022. This fryd extracts carts comes in two different category which are Fryd Live resin and Fryd Liquid diamonds. Our fryd carts are 2 grams of infused THC and Liquid Diamonds. We also recently released our first ever 1 gram disposables vapes earlier this year. This 1 gram fryd carts is a mixture of both liquid diamonds and live resin to further enhance your vaping experience. Fryd Extracts is also bring you a variety of new flavors for both our liquid diamonds and live resins products this summer. 

What Makes Fryd Disposables Unique?.

Fryd Extracts has a vast variety of flavors with each flavor having its own unique taste and highness. We started our fryd extracts brand with basically 4 flavors and today we are happy to say that we have so far developed over 20 flavors of (12 live resin flavors and 8 liquid diamonds flavors). 

Fryd disposable devices as we all know is been hyped over and over by our users for its rich potency, exciting flavors and easy usability. We advise all our clients to always purchase authentic fryd disposable devices from either our vendors or rep. If you dont got one, always to buy directly here on our official website or our Fryd Extract Store.

Fryd Extracts Flavors

The Different Fryd Disposable Flavors.

Fryd Carts come in 2 different category which are, Live Resin and Liquid Diamonds.

The fryd live resin have 12 flavors. These flavors include:

  • Fryd cactus jack
  • wild baja blast
  • Pink Starburst
  • Pink guava gelato
  • Purple pop rocks
  • Tropical runtz punch
  • Lemonberry tartz
  • Watermelon gushers
  • Fryd blueberry zlushie
  • Berry Zkittles
  • Strawberry Lemoncello
  • Angry Apple

Fryd liquid diamonds also has 8 amazing flavors. These flavors include:

  • Fryd jolly rancher
  • Fryd cactus cooler
  • Peach ringz
  • Berry blow pop
  • Banana nerds
  • Juicy melon dew
  • Mucho mango

We at Fryd Extracts are thinking always on how to make consumers experience with our products much better. Whether by improving our customer services, or providing better discounts for our retailers and wholesales clients.

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