Liquid Diamonds Fryd Carts

FRYD Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vapes

What Are Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds Fryd Carts are the purest and flavorful combination of live resin sauce and THCA diamond melted into incredibly pure oil. THCA diamonds are the purest THC-dominant cannabis concentrate in the cannabis market containing up to 99.8% THC when heated. This live resin diamonds are made from THCA which is the acidic cannabinoid that becomes THC when exposed to heat. They are filled with premium quality distillate which is extracted from high quality, uncured cannabis. These 2 grams fryd diamonds contains the terpene rich properties of live resin.

How are FRYD Live Resins Different From FRYD Liquid Diamonds

Live resins and Liquid Diamonds Fryd Carts are quickly gaining momentum and becoming favorites with in cannabis consumers and concentrate lovers. These products mostly contain an abundant amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural cannabis flavors. In addition to how this concentrates are being processed, the different ideologies to what makes the best source of plant material for these products, concentrates typically have labels that read either fryd live resin or fryd liquid diamonds.

The difference between live resins and liquid diamonds is pretty simple:

THCA diamonds contain rich potent source flower that has undergone the curing process, while live resin concentrates have not.
To reach this optimum potency, flavor and smoothness, harvested cannabis flower is put through a process known as curing. This process slowly removes the natural moisture in the cannabis plant, making for a smoother and more potent consumption experience.
Live resin on the other hand are produced using plant materials that is frozen immediately after harvest. The plant matter is usually flash-frozen with dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The plant materials is either thawed or placed in an iced bath before beginning the process, depending on the concentrate being made. Our Fryd live resins and Fryd liquid diamonds are rich with highly quality cannabis concentrates, with a list of exciting and rich potent flavors as always please consume cannabis concentrates responsibly.
While THCA Diamonds provide pure potency, live resins on the other hand  deliver a full flower experience with an enticing entourage effect.

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